Uniformed groups

Taking part in the Big Tidy Up gives uniformed groups the opportunity to get involved in an exciting outdoor challenge and have fun whilst contributing to their local community.

As part of your group you could organise a local tidy up with other members of your troop, it is an excellent way of getting the local community involved. Get as many volunteers to join in as possible and it could help you achieve one of your badges.

The Big Tidy Up - Working Towards Badges

Joining the fun and taking part in a tidy up can be used to work towards a variety of badges. Some examples of these are:


"Show how you sort items into recycling groups and where your local recycling facilities are found"

Group Badge
Brownies Community Challenge

"Take an active part in some form of local community service totalling at least six hours. The time may be spent doing a number of different projects or by showing commitment to a single project over a longer period of time"

Scouts Action for the local environment

"This may include projects such as bulb planting, cleaning the local river, or providing bird or bat boxes"

Guides Friendship Challenge

"Take part in an activity to help the community"

Beavers Seasons

"Find out about sports and activities that take place in your local area during the summer. If possible, join in with one."

Boys Brigade Discover (11-15) Community Badge

"Complete the Local Community Project or Conservation topic."

Boys Brigade Challenge Plus (15-18) Community Challenge

"Complete the Hands on Conservation project."

These are just some of the ways in which involvement in the Big Tidy Up can help towards achieving your group badges. There are many more ways in which cleaning up your local area can benefit you, your group and the community around you.

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