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Taking part in the Big Tidy Up is a great way to teach young people about the problem of litter. With litter being a major issue for many schools across the country, registering your school for the Big Tidy Up is an ideal way to teach young people about the problem of litter in their local environment.

The issues surrounding litter, waste and the local community fit perfectly into many areas of the school curriculum and are an ideal starting point for many group activities.

The following lesson plans show how you can incorporate a community tidy up into the curriculum:

Primary School Lesson Plans
Secondary School Lesson Plans

School Certificates

If you are interested in being involved in a sustainable education programme for schools please visit Eco-Schools.

Working with Children

Take particular care of children and don't attempt too much. It is also important to ensure that children are accompanied by a responsible adult when taking part in a tidy up.

Consider the ages of children involved in your tidy up and make sure that a sufficient number of adults are present to supervise. In the case of young children we advise no more than four children to one adult.

Before your tidy up, make sure children understand which items are potentially dangerous and should not be picked up. Warn them no to pick up any items that they are the least bit unsure about. But also be aware that very young children may not heed your warnings. Don't let children attempt to pick up heavy or bulky items. Ensure that they have adult help for any weightier tasks. It is important that children are provided with gloves and wear suitable clothing and footwear.

If you are working anywhere near roads, canals, rivers or ponds, make sure that there are responsible people appointed specifically to keep an eye on safety. Don't allow children near such areas.

With children do no more than a one hour stint. If only adults are involved, attempt only what is within everyone's capacity and allow for rest breaks. Two to three hours of litter picking is usually enough unless you're extremely dedicated.

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